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Little boy comes up with ingenious way to decide what food to eat

It’s only logical.

PICKING WHAT TO eat is so hard. There’s just so much food out there, how on earth are you supposed to slim it down?

This 6-year-old kid knows. Have a snack battle, to the death.

Redditor ecost spotted his friend’s little brother fashioning this tournament diagram to decide what he should eat, or at least beg his mam to buy him.

xikI69k Source: Imgur

Few shockers: McDonalds won over Pooh.

‘Spegetti’ beat French Fries in a spectacular show off.

Slurpee sled to victory after demolishing both ‘chickken’ AND Chickfila.

But of course, the winner was pizza. And rightly so.


Mmm. Pizza.


It’s not known if the kid actually got pizza, but he deserves it.

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