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7 foods that other countries just can't get right

Irish rashers > bacon.

1. Decent cups of tea

Anyone who has ever tried tea in America will confirm that it’s so weak that it can barely even be considered tea. Lipton’s? Give us Barry’s or Lyon’s any day of the week.

2. Rashers

rashers Source: Kal Hendry/Flickr

Irish rashers are a thing of beauty, but other countries have failed to replicate the goodness of a juicy rasher.

US bacon is not the same thing.

3. A good pint of Guinness

It just doesn’t taste the same anywhere else.

4. Sliced pan

brennans Source: Brennans

There have been multiple reports of sweet-tasting/generally crap sliced pans from all over the world.

bread Source: The Journal

Don’t even try getting soda bread. It’s not worth it.

5. Milk

milk Source: David Guo/Flickr

Pesky foreign cows! Always ruining the tea, which was already crap to begin with.


6. Bad chipper food

Snackboxes, curry chips, coleslaw chips, garlic cheese chips – the selection of messy chipper food is nowhere near as vast as it is in Ireland. (Well, Supermacs.)

7. Chocolate

Cadbury takeover Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

Have you tasted Hershey’s? As much as it tries, it’s not a patch on Cadbury’s or even Milka.

See testimony below.

Nice try, America.

Better luck next time.

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