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AP Photo CIA-agent-turned-novellist Valerie Plame Wilson photographed at the Cannes film festival last year.
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Former CIA agent behind 'Fair Game' turns to spy novels
Valerie Plame Wilson, outed as a CIA agent in 2003, has agreed a deal with Penguin for a series of thrillers starring a female spy.

FORMER CIA AGENT Valerie Plame Wilson, whose very public outing as an agent in 2003 has been depicted in a Hollywood film, is now turning her attention to writing spy novels.

In an interview with the New York Times, Wilson said she had signed a book deal to write a series of spy novels.

Although the books will draw on Wilson’s own experiences as a secret agent, don’t expect any Angelina Jolie-type female characters, as Wilson dismisses appearance as being a lot less important on the job than brains:

Of course the job has a lot of glamour. But it really is about being smarter than your average bear. Your mind is your best weapon. It’s great when you’re a good shot with an AK-47, but it’s about being clever.

The first book in the thriller series is due out next year and will be co-authored with writer Sarah Lovett.

The joint Hollywood treatment of Wilson’s 2007 memoir, Fair Game, and her husband’s book The Politics of Truth, stars Sean Penn as Wilson’s husband and Naomi Watts as Wilson.

Crown Publishing agreed a $2.5m deal with Wilson in 2006 for her memoir, but the details of her latest book deal – this time with Penguin – have not been revealed.

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