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15 Father Ted quotes every single one of us use on a regular basis

“They all have lovely bottoms.”

WHEN IT COMES to TV shows that have carved a well-deserved place in popcultural history, the United States has Seinfeld, the UK has Fawlty Towers, and Ireland has Father Ted.

Airing over three seasons between 1995 and 1998, Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews’ creation acted as a catalyst for some of the greatest comedic moments in televisual history.

And today, as the entertainment industry pays tribute to Dermot Morgan on the 20th anniversary of his death and Frank Kelly on the second, we take a look back at moments in Craggy Island’s history which regularly make their way into this generation’s daily narrative.

We mean, sometimes it’s just easier to let the lads do the talking for us.

1. If you haven’t thrown this one-liner about when trying to keep the peace among mates, you’re dead-ass lying.

2. And there’s no way you haven’t threatened a sibling with this one.

3. And look we all have a mate who’s mam still throws this one about.

4. Don’t even pretend you don’t know the words.

5. And you’ve definitely employed this one when a mate’s behaving like a simpleton.

6. And every single one of us have found a reason to use this one.

7. Your siblings were on the receiving end of this more than once.

8. And we know right well your dad has used this one without even realising.

9. And we’ve all at one point reference the ceili in the caravan.

10. And then there’s the Pat Mustard classics; perfect for any occasion.

11. And if you haven’t used this, then you actually haven’t seen Fr. Ted.

12. You’ve made more than a passing reference to this.

13. And you never fail to follow it up with this.

14. And this one never fails when your mate can’t remember something.

15. And there’s always one legend in every group who has learned this gem by heart.

And those people are the real MVPs.


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