Source: Eric Jamison

There was panic at the Oscars last night after Frances McDormand's award was temporarily stolen

Frances McDormand’s Oscar stolen. And still no arrests. How come Chief Willoughby?

Source: Eric Jamison

THERE’S PLENTY OF talk today about Frances McDormand’s big speech from this year’s Academy Awards. She has since been described as ‘Hollywood’s cool, eccentric aunt who does community theatre and sneaks you a joint on your birthday.’

People are applauding McDormand for ‘making the Oscars weird again’, with her nervous energy and spontaneous demonstration of how many women were nominated at the award show last night.

As the actress accepted her second ever Oscar (the first was for Fargo), she placed it on the ground and asked all female nominees to stand up and make themselves known.

Source: ABC

Apparently, this wasn’t the only occasion where she set down her Oscar over the course of the night.

McDormand was reportedly spotted crying outside of the Governors Ball after-party when she noticed that her award had gone missing and she was unable to find it. Security became concerned and later found out that it had not gotten lost, but had been stolen.

Thankfully, celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck was catering for the event and his photographer caught the thief on camera while taking photographs of food at the event.

Source: Hahn Lionel

McDormand’s rep told USA Today that she managed to get the award back (and told security to let the culprit go). She then brought her Oscar to In-N-Out Burger for a celebratory munch.

A journalist from the New York Times later tweeted a photograph of the culprit posing for a photo with McDormand’s award. It’s not the first time Oscars have gone missing. Since the early days of the Academy Awards, plenty of Oscars have disappeared/been stolen.

In 2002, Whoopi Goldberg’s Oscar for the 1990 movie Ghost got lost when she sent it back to the academy to be re-plated. It was later found in a bin at an airport in Los Angeles.

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