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This photographer has dedicated himself to capturing the beauty of freckles

He should come here.

IN 2012, BRITISH photographer Brock Elbank started up a pretty unique project.

His plan was to photograph 150 portraits of different people – but the catch is that they have to have freckles.

He’s halfway through his project now, and it’s going very well

He’s 90 portraits in, and his project has so many fans on Instagram and elsewhere.

He told Buzzfeed this week that he thinks freckles are worthy of celebrating:

Many of the subjects shot so far are such incredible-looking humans… amazing-looking individuals from all walks of life.

He’s simply titled the project #Freckles

He captures the beauty of freckles in each of his portraits

He could come to Ireland and finish up the rest of the project in a couple of weeks

His project won’t be wrapped up until 2017, but you can check out all his freckle-based work on Instagram

Sterling work.

hat tip Buzzfeed

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