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Canada plans to freeze 11km of roadway so people can skate to work

This is a new way to beat the rat race every morning.

YOU KNOW IT’S getting ridiculously cold when you have to pull out measures like this.

In a bold move to overcome their annual winter problems, the city of Edmonton, Alberta is considering flooding an 11 km trail during the winter months so people can skate to work.

Edmonton Spring Snow Source: The Canadian Press/Press Association Images

According to the BBC, the project could be rolled out as early as next winter – and given the average winter temperature in Edmonton is -12C, the plan certainly has longevity.

The architect of the idea, Matt Gibbs, told Global News in Canada that they may as well make good use of the five months that they are stuck indoors:

I’m really excited about the opportunity for us to really show what we can do in winter and make a better use of that five months a year we’re stuck indoors.

Colorado Weather Source: AP/Press Association Images

Naturally the idea has been greeted enthusiastically online

Of course, there is no chance of seeing this in Ireland, but it’s one for skating enthusiasts to dream of when sitting on the bus every morning.

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