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16 things that would happen if the Fresh Prince was set in Ireland

“You’re movin’ with your auntie and uncle in Kildare”

princeit Source: flickr

1. Will would be born and raised on the playgrounds of West Dublin

westing Source: YouTube

2. But then he got in one little fight and his mam got scared so she said “You’re movin’ with your auntie and uncle in Kildare”

will Source: YouTube

3. The fight would actually be over a particularly heated game of Kerbs and not basketball

a00e9d9c-0a1b-4e30-bb59-f69fe4e5cef3 Source: Playbuzz

4. Which meant that he moved to a mansion in the leafy K Club with his “Uncle Philo” and Viv

belaire home Source: Mentalfloss

The Fresh Prince of Kildare was born.

5. On Will’s first night in the house he would say “ask me bollix” and cause consternation in the family

4cf51c60-0669-0133-f49c-0e18518aac2f Source: Imgix

6. Carlton would definitely play rugby and be an active member of Renua

c5e06080-38b3-0133-0a10-0e76e5725d9d Source: Imgix

7. Aunt Viv would be drafted in to teach Will and Carlton about the 1916 Rising

rs_1024x759-160119105858-1024.fresh-prince.cm.11916 Source: Eonline

8. Jazz would get the 120 Dublin Bus out to Kildare with a bag of cans to pay Will a visit

maxresdefault Source: Ytimg

Causing chaos, of course.

9. Hilary would get a job doing the weather on TV3

hilary-banks-trevor-fresh-prince-of-bel-air-hilary-gets-a-job-w724 Source: Glamour

10. And then start going out with a TV3 news presenter lad – who proposes to her live from the Ploughing Championship

60180434-3d2e-46e1-82c8-e66e9575c90f Source: Playbuzz

It wouldn’t end well.

11. Will would play snooker in Dublin and get in a whole heap of trouble with some lads – but Uncle Philo would save the day

table Source: YouTube

12. Geoffrey would be an au pair because posh English butlers in tuxedos really aren’t a thing here

5c4b6be0-d249-0132-bfb3-0a13eebe068d Source: Imgix

13. Will’s childhood friend Jackie would come back into his life after getting a GAA scholarship at Maynooth

Tyra-Banks-The-Fresh-Prince-of-Bel-Air-1993- Source: Latest-wrinkle

And she’d be played by Georgia Salpa.

14. Carlton would rent out the gaff for a Coronas music video when his parents are away

carlton Source: YouTube

More smoke.

15. Ashley would have a one-hit wonder after appearing on The Voice of Ireland

19721a71-3e1b-44f4-8101-a3f5689c5bf8 Source: Playbuzz

16. And finally… the Carlton dance would always be accompanied by a Crystal Swing backing track

carltonon Source: YouTube

And they would guest star in multiple episodes – because they fit perfectly with the dance.

The Fresh Prince of Kildare <3

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