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8 reasons why Friday night is the perfect night in

Embrace the Friday night in. It’s magical.

WE’VE ALREADY ESTABLISHED that Thursday night might very well be the best one of all for pints.

But the next night – Friday - is perfect for a cosy night in:

1. The telly is actually half decent on Friday nights

tumblr_inline_nq1mifZrUJ1qzn06s_540 Source: Tumblr

2. And if all else fails, the Twitter commentary of The Late Late will be there for you


3. And you can eat WHATEVER you want

dublintakeaway Source: Eddie's Dynasty Facebook

When you’re out, you have to eat normal stuff in normal quantities.

4. You’re absolutely wrecked after a long week

sleepygif Source: Wordpress

5. Which makes the couch seem about 112% more cosy

WH6QIAs Source: Imgur

6. You can actually feel yourself saving money


Which can then be spent lavishly over the rest of the weekend.

Getting the guilt-free night in out of the way early in the weekend = happiness.

7. Town will be completely rammed

pubrAMMED Source: flickr

You can accept it on a Saturday because you haven’t been working all day. But you need some space on Friday.

8. Waking up on Saturday morning without a hangover is the most glorious feeling known to mankind

julieandrewshelicopter Source: Huffingtonpost

Embrace the Friday night in. It’s magical.

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