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Esteban Felix/AP/Press Association Images Rescued! This one-month old was brought to Managua's national zoo after falling from its nest at a construction site.
# Friday Slideshow
It's Friday so here's a slideshow of owls from around the world
How can you turn down those eyes? HOW?

FORGIVE OUR TARDINESS today but, without blowing our own trumpets too much, this Friday slideshow is one that was worth waiting for.

Inspired by a recent Hula Hoops in coffee owl picture that has gone viral and this Tumblr of Hungover Owls (yes, that’s a thing), we decided to check out the creatures for ourselves.

The result was a lot of clapping of hands to mouths to stop the embarrassing squawks of delight. The lads and ladies at desk didn’t know where to look.

So, maybe it’s best that most of you will have left the office by now. Feedback and suggestions for future slideshows are welcome in the comments section. Inspiration isn’t always as forthcoming as it was today.

It's Friday so here's a slideshow of owls from around the world
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  • Squissssssssshhhhhhh

  • Bird!

  • Newborn

  • Sing for your supper

  • Like owner, like bird

  • Elton the Owl

  • Merkel's Owls

  • The Animal Olympics

  • Burrowing Owls

  • Family Portrait

  • Worried...for a reason

  • Polar Owl

  • Awwww

  • See? All better.

  • Squeeeeeeeee

  • Baby Steps

  • Too much

  • Screech Owl

  • Bless

  • Owl population soars

  • Two's Company

  • Winter weather

  • Three's a crowd

  • Om nom nom

  • Cute

  • Another fluffy newborn

  • Rescued!

  • Spot the difference

  • An Irish Model and an Owl

  • What's up with that one

  • More of Merkel's chicks

  • Owwwwwwwwwl

  • Not Harry's Owl

  • Hedwig

  • Blair's Owl

  • Staring contest

  • Keeping the best 'til last

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