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# Cute Animals

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# officer edith
This animal control officer's Twitter account is an absolute joy
Officer Edith, out there saving the raccoons, skunks and ducks of San Francisco.
# no new friends
Watch: Curious giraffes try to make friends with a rabbit at Dublin Zoo
The bunny is having none of it.
# get off me
This dalmatian has absolutely no time for kitten's play fighting
Anything for a bit of peace.
# baby monkey
A baby monkey and some Jack Russell puppies, hanging out
There will never be anything as cute, ever, in all of time.
# tickled pink
Little porcupine makes the most adorable noise when it's tickled
It giggles. We swear it does.
# It Wasn't Me
Guilty dog makes a mess, gets ratted out by friends
# too much cute
Can you make it through this post without saying "AWWW"?
You won’t be able to resist the charms of the cutest animals on the internet. We’re telling you.
# Puppy power
Stressed Trinity students studying for their exams can now get "canine therapy"
That’s exactly what you think it means.
# zoey and jasper
This baby and his dog are the most fashionable pair on the internet
And the most adorable pair, too.
# horsing around
Caring horse nuzzles a little white cat, cuteness ensues
Animals being friends. Is there anything nicer?
# sloth crazy
Hundreds of sloths have lived in this South American woman's house
Monique Pool has been rescuing and rehabilitating sloths since 2005. The. Dream.
# hey hey he's a monkey
You don't enjoy anything as much as this baby monkey enjoys swimming
He even swims with a dog. THAT’S how much he enjoys it.
# New Species
Meet the olinguito: New mammal species wrongly identified for 100 years
It is the first New World carnivore to be identified in 35 years.
# too much cute
WATCH: A micro-pig takes being cute to a whole new incredibly cute level
There’s cute and then there is this micro pig.
# nouveau woof
9 decidedly middle-class animals
Ever met dog driving a Range Rover? Yeah, that.
# jaguar's best friend
This unlikely animal friendship will make your heart explode with sheer joy
This meeting of a dog and jaguar is serious cute overload.
# Cuteness
Introducing the goeldi monkey...
BONUS: There is a picture of a sloth in here.
# Work Can Wait
It's Friday, so here's a slideshow of macaques from around the world
It feels like Fridays were made for ‘ooohing’ and ‘aaahing’ over cute macaques and their antics.
# Wrap Up
In pictures: Animals who know winter is here
Eleven cute animals who have braced themselves for the winter months.
# Friday Slideshow
It's Friday so here's a slideshow of kangaroos from around the world
Featuring Rolf Harris, Lance Armstrong and Winston Churchill. Really.
# Friday Slideshow
It's Friday so here's a slideshow of flamingos from around the world
They’re pink. They stand on one leg. They fly. They have babies.
# Friday Slideshow
It's Friday so here's a slideshow of owls from around the world
How can you turn down those eyes? HOW?
# New Arrivals
Meet Dublin Zoo's latest additions: Meerkat Pups
Simples *squeak*
# cuteness alert
PHOTOS: What has Dublin Zoo named its new baby giraffe?
The seven-week-old giraffe is already 6 feet tall. Yowza.
# Friday Slideshow
It's the Friday before a bank holiday weekend. So here's a slideshow of wombats
It makes sense when you think about it… maybe.
# Friday Slideshow
It's Friday (the 13th)! So here's a slideshow of black cats and kittens from around the world
For the day that’s in it.
# Friday Slideshow
It's Friday! So here's a slideshow of pandas from around the world
Did you miss us?
Referendum Free Zone: the Internet's best offerings to get you through the moratorium
Cats, kids and polar bears! What referendum?
# Pandas
In pictures: pandas in training
*Note: There are real pandas in these photos, not just people dressed as pandas…
# Cute
In pictures: Awesome (and unusual) animal combos
From abandoned opossums and their feline friend, to a dog-loving duck…
# Zoo Babies
Gallery: New Year's arrivals at Dublin Zoo
Feast your eyes on these cute critters…