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7 sure signs you learned everything about Thanksgiving from Friends

Because we did.

IT’S JUST A regular old day for us, but over in the US Americans across the land have downed tools to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Most of what we know of the holiday comes from history books, American relatives, visits across the Atlantic, and of course, Friends. All ten seasons of Friends.

Here’s what Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, Monica and Chandler have taught us…

1. Yams. So many yams

Yams with marshmallows are a traditional Thanksgiving dish, and they were very fond of them in Friends.

11 candied yams Source: jasonlam


2. The good plates come out

Not unlike Christmas here then.

52dr7 (1)

3. You must play America-themed games on Thanksgiving

Can you name all fifty states?

Ross can’t.


Source: kanamarasama

4. American football is also a big deal

Whether it’s watching a game, or playing in the Geller Cup

Source: sjabbadoing

5. Desserts are very important

Poor Rachel’s trifle never stood a chance.





6. Everyone eats themselves silly

Bring on the meat sweats.

tumblr_mdwcah226E1qzydh2o1_500 Source: Tumblr

7. There’s a big parade with huge inflatable animals

Source: Ingles segundo

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