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10 signs the world's obsession with Frozen has gone too far

Time to let it go, people.

THE WORLD IS officially obsessed with Frozen. This much we know.

But has it gone too far?

We think it has.

1. Frozen lingerie is now a thing.

2. People’s brains are inhabited solely by Let It Go lyrics.


3. Adults are getting Frozen tattoos.


4. This is a thing that’s actually happening.

frozen Source: In Style

5. Signs like this need to be hung in classrooms.

frozenobsession Source: Imgur

6. Frozen-themed proposals are now an internet phenomenon we must contend with.

Source: Jolan Carl Abaquin/YouTube

7. As are Frozen manicures.

8. This is what passes for college work nowadays.

9. This video on how to recreate Elsa’s plait has been viewed 8 million times.

Source: Disney Style/YouTube

8 million.

10. And lest we forget, Frozen dolls are on sale for €150 at the minute.

snowglow Source: Adverts.ie

There’s a rather unusual Frozen doll for sale in Meath > 

Irish parents queued up in the wee hours for Frozen dolls… and they sold out almost immediately >

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