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fruit whispering

Someone has finally caught 'Fruit Whispering' on video in Dublin

And we think we’ve cracked the mystery.

A still from the video in Dublin's fruit market

FOR THE PAST few days, all Dublin has been perplexed by an apparent outbreak of ‘fruit whispering’.

Signs have been appearing in shops and on market stalls, imploring shoppers to stop whispering to fruit.

Kate Buckley / rhinorasterbator Kate Buckley / rhinorasterbator / rhinorasterbator

But they remained a mystery. Lidl, one of the chains in whose stores the signs appeared, told yesterday that they were “at a loss”.

Now, the fruit whispering phenomenon appears to have been caught on video. This footage from Smithfield fruit market in Dublin was uploaded to YouTube yesterday, and shared on Reddit (like many of the previous images).

The description reads:

Was in the fruit market with herself and some CRAZY woman starts screaming ‘NO WHISPERING! NO WHISPERING’ at a guy behind us. He must have had bangers or something, because he blew up her melons (lol) and I caught it on camera. Dublin is mental.

Michael Fenton / YouTube

So what’s going on? Well, with the help of some eagle-eyed readers, we THINK we may have cracked it. And yes, it’s a viral marketing campaign.

Club Orange posted this to their Facebook yesterday:

Facebook Facebook

Meanwhile, Isobel Necessary informed us that it’s all to do with a…

New Club zero ad, he’s the fruit whisperer, and he whispers to the fruit to extract the juice leaving all the taste but no calories, and this is part of their viral marketing campaign.

And Marie Daly explained the “blew up her melons” reference:

It’s an ad on TV for either club/Fanta orange.the fruit whisperer has to learn to control his powers or the fruit keeps exploding

So are they right?

Well, the ad isn’t online yet. But in the comments underneath the Facebook post, there was this telling exchange:

Facebook Facebook

So there you go. Hats off to you, Club Orange. You had us wondering.

Update: Club Orange have as-good-as confirmed their guilt…

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