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fruit whispering

The 'Fruit Whispering' mystery has been solved... and here's the campaign behind it


Source: Kate Buckley/rhinorasterbator

FOR THE LAST week or so, Dublin has been perplexed by a series of signs forbidding shoppers from whispering to fruit.

Then yesterday, a blurry video emerged of someone actually... well, they seemed to be... whispering... to fruit.

Michael Fenton / YouTube

Earlier this morning, we posted a possible solution to the mystery.

And... it turns out we were right. All the photos, carefully placed by different social media accounts (each with their own history!) were part of a Club Orange viral ad campaign.

It's all to do with their new product, Club Zero. Their new commercial involves a guy who masters the art of... whispering to fruit.

Here's the ad that explains it all:

cluborange / YouTube

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