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The 18 funniest Irish YouTube videos of the last decade

If you don’t laugh, your soul is broken.

TODAY MARKS 10 years since the very first video was uploaded to YouTube.

Without it, we might never have seen any of these. And the world would be the poorer for it.

Now, in reverse order:

18. Fake typing on RTÉ News (April 2013)

Oscar material from this office worker. A classic in the annals of RTÉ News.

Brendan Kennedy / YouTube

17. Cinnamon Challenge Dad (November 2012)

The first angry dad to make the list: “THEY’RE LAUGHING THEIR HOLES OFF AT YA.”

katwalsh191 / YouTube

16. Talking Cat / He’ll Jump On You Caroline (September 2013)

Cat enters kitchen belonging to two women, repeatedly tells them to ‘Go away’, threatens to jump on Caroline.

Caroline H / YouTube

15. Garda station prank phone call (January 2007)

Westport vs Castlebar. “There must be a meteorite hit the line.”

ianbenjaminkenny / YouTube

14. Irish Mammy Ice Bucket Challenge Fail (August 2014)

Irish mammy is asked to film ice bucket challenge, just can’t get the hang of it. “Tis shifting in all directions Eamonn!”

Maura O'Neill / YouTube

13. Airport Santa Kid on TV3 (December 2010)

“Have you been waiting a long time?” *silent nodding*

thegigglesite / YouTube

12. Little girl loses the head at her parents for interrupting her Frozen song (September 2014)


gracm8 / YouTube

11. Pat Kenny Theme Tune Homage / Gavin Henson Goes To Church (January 2009)

“You missed a pun on that… Please stop saying it.”

deadbeat1 / YouTube

10. Aengus MacGrianna on RTÉ News (January 2013)

Yet to be beaten in ‘RTÉ News blooper’ terms.

hi5viralnews2 / YouTube

9. Driving Test Dad (February 2014)

Angry Dad #2 brings out some incredibly NSFW language. “You were looking into the computer” is his best insult though.

ruairidoc / YouTube

8. Man hurts himself clapping on Winning Streak (January 2013)

How did this happen? One of the great mysteries of our time.

Oisin / YouTube

7. Martin Watches Game of Thrones (October 2014)

Two words – MACAULAY CULKIT – and a pretty much perfect summation of family life.

Martin's Life / YouTube

6. Effin’ Eddie in the county final (2007-ish)

A vintage recording of Eddie Moroney commentating on a Tipperary county final, having had a skinful the night before. “Oh my… jays I think I’m going to get sick after that beer yesterday… I’m not well.” (2.45)

guydecervens / YouTube

Here’s an abridged, animated version:

ianbenjaminkenny / YouTube

5. The Man Who Fell On The Ice (January 2010)

No introduction necessary.

greannmhar3 / YouTube

And not to forget this essential follow-up:

Tom Walsh / YouTube

4. The Dog Licence (May 2008)

Vintage prank from Cork’s 96fm, which now has a glorious new life on the internet. “They’re friendly kind of hoors like.”

Kenmare Lace / YouTube

3. Get Lucky (Angelus Edition) (May 2013)

Somehow… just… perfect. The stares!

Seán O‘Reilly / YouTube

2. Ice Cream Van (March 2014)

Surely the best ‘kids snotting themselves’ video of all time. You shouldn’t laugh. But you will. And then you’ll laugh again.

Selina Omeara / YouTube

1. Castletown Donkey Derby 1994 (November 2010, but surely uploaded before that)

HAIRY MOLL HAS TAKEN THE FIRST BEND BRILLIANTLY. Anyone who can listen to the commentor’s uncontrollable laughter on this and not join in doesn’t have a soul.

kevindalyvideo / YouTube

Bless you, YouTube. Bless you Ireland.

We missed out your favourite, didn’t we. Tell us why in the comments!

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