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13 hilarious pregnancy announcements that are better than a status update

These people found creative ways to announce their impending arrivals.

THE STANDARD FACEBOOK status update alerting us to a new pregnancy makes us sad.

Such a special occasion deserves special treatment. Take a few tips from these expecting couples and get creative with the good news.

1. Include the dogs

dogannouncement Source: Essential Mums

Prego-11-500x375 Source: Badsentinel

2. Bring the true reality of the situation to light

pregnancy-announcement-on-facebook1 Source: I-am-bored

Crazy-pregnancy-announcements12 Source: Xaxor

3. Don’t forget to give current tenants sufficient notice

Prego-6-500x312 Source: Badsentinel

4. Revert to old playground jeers if all else fails

51bd936dd9127e68e7000cbe._w.540_s.fit_ Source: Apartment Therapy

5. …or sayings

Prego-21 Source: Badsentinel

6. Make sure it truly expresses you both as a couple

funny-baby-announcements Source: Dumpaday

7. Or just you

il_570xN.363601747_qbg1 Source: Etsy

8. Use it as a classified listing

51bd9362d9127e25bf002559._w.540_s.fit_ Source: Apartment Therapy

9. Bring the siblings into the proceedings

51bd9360dbd0cb1e740020ca._w.540_s.fit_ Source: Apartment Therapy

10. Use 90s rap lyrics where necessary

Crazy-pregnancy-announcements5 Source: Xaxor

11. Maybe recreate a movie poster?

28-days-late-pregnant-announcement Source: Worldwideinterweb

12. Either way, make sure it’s cute

threecons Source: Little Posh Parties

13. Or not

Source: Xaxor

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