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11 people who regret ever sunbathing

They are raging. Also a bit red from the sun.

THIS BANK HOLIDAY weekend we were pretty lucky with the weather.

Given that as a nation we get roughly 82 minutes of sunshine a year you probably sent yourself out into the world to soak up the sun while it lasted.

Today you may be nursing a bit of sunburn, trying not wince too much as you get stuck into your emails.

Thankfully we’ve found people on the internet who have fared far worse in the sunburn stakes to help ease you through the pain a little bit.

1. The person who is the talk of the office

2.  Kim Kardashian circa whenever this happened

Paled Comparison / Tumblr

3. Or  poor Kelly Osbourne:

4.  The girl who burnt herself so much she decided to make a gif of herself

One way to get through it we suppose.

Reves Eveilles / YouTube

5. The people at the gym

6.  The people with farmer’s tan

7.  The people who have to go through a wardrobe change

8. The person who tried to cover their burn with fake tan and just ended up looking like this:

via Gif Kings

9.  The person little children make fun of

Megglesg / Tumblr

10.  The person with the suddenly appropriate tattoo

Young, Free and Beautiful / Tumblr

11. The person with a finger that looks like this:

F**tart / Tumblr

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