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8 real estate photos that will make you feel better about your house hunt

On second thoughts, we might stay where we are.

WHEN YOU’RE TRAWLING through the endless listings on Daft.ie, you’re almost delighted when something unexpected pops up, just to release you from the torture of the house hunt.

Our favourite new Tumblr, Terrible Real Estate Agent photos, is at your service.

Here are a few of our favourites.

1. When taking a photo of your spacious attic room, do us all a favour and throw on a pair of trousers


2. Don’t allow a scary man to stand over the pristine bed you’re trying to pawn off


3. Try to actually get the house in the photo you use for the advertisement


4. Use your Photoshop skills and stock images sparingly


5. That’s not what the hook above the fire is for


6. Show off the true potential of your dining room/sofa area hybrid. More room to party


7. If it’s undeniably grim, just own it


8. Don’t include a live burglary, puts potentials off


For more of these, you van catch the full collection over on the Terrible Real Estate Agent photos Tumblr.

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