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17 hilarious reactions to the Fyre Festival debacle that's sweeping the internet

What a disaster.

THE PUNCHLINE OF the internet this week has undoubtedly been Fyre Festival.

Ja Rule and his business partner set up the luxury festival and it was due to get going this week in the Bahamas.

But quite literally everything has gone wrong:

It cost $3,495 for a ticket (with some going waaaay beyond that) – and from the food to the celebrity endorsements, it’s all gone to shite.

And of course the internet has gone in hard on the whole debacle:

1. The sheer amount of things that have gone wrong makes this the biggest train wreck of 2017

fyre1 Source: @Iron_Spike

Worth a Google – or just read this breakdown.

2. There was a certain amount of schadenfreude given the demographic who signed up for it

3. Who was running this?

4. Ja Rule has made the 1% a laughing stock

fyre3 Source: @no_talent_shan

5. The lack of supplies was also a major talking point and inspiration for jokes

fyre2 Source: @notTHATmattfox

6. Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski and other influencers had promoted the festival when it was launched last year – so they’ve been the subject of so many jokes overnight

fyre4 Source: @moniquexjade

7. It’s not been a great PR month in fairness

fyre5 Source: @BostonJerry

8. There has been so much shade thrown

tryit Source: @EdiAQC

9dkhxoxnm7uy Source: Reddit

9. There have been fake updates from Ja Rule saying it was all a social experiment

10. We feel like we’ve seen this before

homerland Source: @ilaysah

11. This could be the plot of a particularly bad horror movie

couldbe Source: @CosRyan

12. Too many parallels

couldbe2 Source: @KevinsLeaving

13. This (genuine) photo of the food on offer needs only one review

14. Twitter has been awash with people pointing out the potential irony of the outrage

couldbe3 Source: @ItsDanSheehan

15. Some lines just won’t work down at Fyre Fest

couldbe5 Source: @TheDweck

16. We all know the solution to this

17. It’s really the gift that keeps on giving (unless you were unfortunate enough to actually book tickets and go)

couldbe4 Source: @VampireAngel_13

It’s the “luxury party that turned into the hunger games”:

What a disaster.

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