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9 reasons Gabriel Byrne would be the world's best dad

Imagine how cool it would be.

GABRIEL BYRNE IS 63 today and we’re sure he’s celebrating in style.

He’s one of our finest actors and has starred in everything from The Usual Suspects to Into the West.

Gabriel’s birthday reminds us of how great he is and how amazing it would be if he was our dad.

Allow us to explain.

1. He’d be really good at listening to your problems

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Given that he played  a psychologist on the HBO drama In Treatment he’d be great at letting you sit down and talk about your problems at length.

2. He’d never give out to you about your rig outs

Sure look at how he’s palling around with his dressed up co-stars here and clearly fine with their rather over the top outfits:

ANDRE DURAND/PA Archive/Press Association Images

3. He’d bring Arnold Schwarzenegger over for tea

And they’d be standing in the kitchen giving you the thumbs up and you’d be delighted:

Matthew Fearn/PA Archive/Press Association Images

4. He would also invite Susan Sarandon over for tea

Which would also be great.

Aaron Harris/AP/Press Association Images

5. He does a very good Jedward impression

Which would be the envy of all your friends because their dads wouldn’t do as a good a Jedward impression:

rte / YouTube

6.  Supporting his friends is his priority

Photocall Ireland

Gabriel Byrne turned up on the last episode of the Late Late Show that Pat Kenny did because he knows the value of supporting your mates (presumably).

Which means that if you ever had a talk show you could totally rely on your celebrity dad Gabriel Byrne to make an appearance.

Nice one.

7. Irish roots are important

Byrne got his start in the fondly remembered Irish dramas The Riordans and Bracken which would give you endless “My da basically invented Irish TV” bragging rights:


8. Into The West

And if that wasn’t enough he was the lead in the still amazing drama Into the West that will bring back plenty of memories of seeing Ireland on screen in the 90s:

SilverSania / YouTube

9. He’d be the ultimate cool dad

Basically, a father who had a role in The Usual Suspects, can do a dead-on impression or two and was Into The West is an inherently cool dad.

And he can turn up at The Emmys with his tie askew because he’s just that cool:

Chris Pizzello/AP/Press Association Images

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