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Have you watched Gaelic Footballers' Wives?

We did, here’s what happens.

IT’S BEEN DUBBED Ireland’s answer to Dallas – well, at least by its creators.

Gaelic Footballers’ Wives is FNT‘s latest reality TV mockumentary to hit YouTube. You may know the producers from their Nordie Shore series and other sketches of Northern life.

A parody of the Sky One show Footballers’ Wives, the show follows GAA champ Decky Mooney as he’s taken off his pedestal of county star by a new competitor.

Again, it opens with the cast introducing themselves with a thoughtful tidbit such as

I know what you’re thinking, those shoulders are huge. So would yours be if you were carrying a whole f**king county on it.
I’m not just the pride of the county, I’m the ride of the county.

Who knew R O’C was into ga?

roc Source: YouTube

One of the ‘wives’ is a guy, suspiciously similar to the Ross impersonator.

I’m Opal Corsa, and you can get my hatch back, any time.


After the introductions, we get to the thrilling plot. Decky runs around the village, clearly loved by everyone.

But wait, what’s this? Wannabe R O’C is revealed to be the newest member of the club and looks set to be replacing golden boy Decky.


The GFWAGS (Gaelic Football Wives and Girlfriends) get together, to plot a bake-sale, expressing their horror over something about a salty flan.

We’re not sure.


Now we’re back to training. Wannabe R O’Cs has showed up and it’s not going so well.

But it’s not long before they’re off out on the piss at the local tavern.


Shockingly good graphics there.

It just gets weirder and weirder from here-on in. There’s even a bit of Miley’s Blurred Lines twerking recreated.


But at the end of the day, it all comes down to Ronan kicking to win the game for the county.


Does he get the point? What happens to Decky? Does he remain the pride of the county?

Watch and see:

Source: FNT LIVE Marc McElroy

Spoiler/timesaver: No, no he doesn’t. Poor Decky.


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