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'Galaxy hair' is real and it looks absolutely incredible


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THIS RIGHT HERE is galaxy hair.

You’ll be able to guess how it got the name.

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It’s also known on Instagram as #spacehair and is currently, well, pretty much taking over.

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The colours are inspired by the swirling shades seen in galaxies and nebulae as seen through astronomy telescopes.

Galaxy hair has been around for a couple of years as a concept – there are YouTube tutorials online as far back as 2012 – but in the last week, it’s captured the conversation on Instagram. In the last two days alone it’s been featured on MashableBuzzfeed and PopSugar.

Possibly because it seems to look good on pretty much everyone.

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For obvious reasons, galaxy hair isn’t for the faint-hearted. One stylist told Buzzfeed it took five and a half hours to complete this look:

While another explained to Mashable that you’ll be looking at returning to the salon every few weeks to get the look touched up.


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It’s not just for girls, either.

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If you’re interested in a DIY job, there are plenty of tutorials online – or you could watch this stylist do it properly:

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