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13 headlines that could only happen in Galway

It’s all kicking off.

IT’S ALL KICKING off in Galway lads.

1. Stark news, but great pun

2. Ah, the power of gay rage

3. Yes, we’ve found it, the most Galway thing ever

4. This one is like something out of a horror movie

5. This meeting

6. Oh YOUS

7. This job listing

He he he.

8. This unorthodox parenting method

9. This special notice

10. Trying to fill the word count quota like…

11. Love a good pun in Galway, don’t they?

11093101_1440802549550552_1040794213_n Source: Cdninstagram

12. Excellent photo work

13. And finally… we can all relate

QHqdyfo Source: Imgur PotatoesAndMolasses

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