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Here's the incredible 360° shot from Game Of Thrones everybody's talking about

And how they did it. (Spoilers)

LAST NIGHT’S GAME Of Thrones, The Watchers On The Wall, was a long and bloody battle episode.

But the moment that had everybody talking (other than THAT incident with Ygritte) was an incredible 360° tracking shot, from the very centre of the battle.


Here it is in full:

Source: celticmagnum/YouTube

The episode’s director, Neil Marshall, explained to Vulture how the shot was created.

He said it took seven takes to get it right, and the crane camera was spinning so quickly it could have killed someone if it had hit them.

We rehearsed it for an hour, all the extras and the stunt guys and the camera. The camera on the crane was spinning around with such speed that if it had hit somebody it could have killed them. We did it in seven takes, and there’s no tricks there, it’s all one shot. We had a great AD team and a great stunt team and they worked it out in sections. Each section had a number and as the camera went around they’d call out a number and when they heard their number they’d start their action. When you break it down like that, it becomes a lot simpler, but still, there’s always the x factor of someone takes a step to the left and the camera hits them or something.

Read the full interview at Vulture here.

Bonus: that moment between Jon Snow and Ygritte has already been given the internet treatment…

Source: Da Italian Fish/YouTube via Entertainment.ie

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