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Here's why you should be happy you don't have a Garth gig to go to
Support group, gather round.

GATHER ROUND CHILDREN. We know you’re upset. But it’s over. He’s gone.

You’re probably sick of his very being, but a lot of people are dissappointed

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Here’s a cuddly puppy getting its belly rubbed to help you feel better.


Now, be glad it didn’t happen, for these very valid reasons.

1. We can remain a nation divided

2. At least everyone will stop talking about it now

After this, of course.


3. There’ll be NO traffic around Dublin

Well, less than usual.

Winter weather Dec 1st Julien Behal PA Archive Julien Behal PA Archive

4. It’s raining… kinda

You wouldn’t want to get your cowboy hat wet, IMAGINE.

irelandrain Met Eireann Met Eireann

5. You have all that FREE MONEY you got the tickets with

Go spend it.


8. Feather boas won’t be littering the streets tomorrow

boa_pink Thehensbag Thehensbag

9. How else would everyone be smug?

Now, sing this over and over and we’ll all be healed.

Walt Disney Animation Studios / YouTube

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