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14 heroes who just gave up and stopped trying

Dedicated to all the people who just didn’t give a f**k any more.

IT’S FRIDAY AFTERNOON – that time of the week where it’s OK to not really give a flying one any more.

And these people are the patron saints of giving up heroically:

1. This person in the middle of the big shop

2. The creator of this hair gel name

axe Source: Imgur

“It’s Friday evening, we need a name here people.”


“You genius!”

3. The lecturer who wrote this quiz

test Source: Imgur

4. The family that served this ice cream cake


A for effort.

5. The employee who was so sick of greeting that they manufactured this

greeter Source: Imgur

6. The writer of this sign

soup Source: Imgur

Come on now.

7. The maker of this monstrosity

flSDc4O Source: Imgur

8. The person in the computer store who changed the recycling bin name to this

hopesanddreams Source: Imgur

9. The canny salesperson who put this deal out there

trying Source: Imgur

10. Whoever came up with this movie title

filmtitle Source: Imgur

11. The fortune cookie writers at this restaurant

fortunecookies Source: Imgur

12. And the lack of f**ks given by the writer here

caring Source: Imgur

13. The mam who got so fed up with Christmas that she numbered her kids

mamachristmas Source: Imgur

14. It was Friday afternoon for this translator

transaltor Source: Imgur

“Yeah, sure just fire in ‘get more’ again and let’s head for the pub.”

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