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George Clooney is coming to Ireland, so here are 6 places he should definitely visit
Take in the sites, Cloons.

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IT HAS BEEN reported this morning that none other than George Clooney is set to pay a visit to our humble shores.

The Irish Independent reports that the actor, who has Irish blood on both his maternal and paternal side, is planning on visiting Ireland with his wife Amal Clooney this summer.

He told The Irish Independent that this would be his first time here, saying, “I’ve been talking about going there for years and Bono has been trying to get me to do a bike ride around Ireland with him.”

Naturally, it got us thinking – what famous Irish sites should George Clooney visit?

1. Dr. Quirkey’s Good Time Emporium, Dublin

dr quirkeys psyberartist / Flickr psyberartist / Flickr / Flickr

After robbing casinos with the lads in Ocean’s Eleven, George Clooney will be sure to appreciate the significant glamour of Dublin landmark Dr. Quirkey’s Good Time Emporium.

george shatterdome / Tumblr George surveying the majesty of Dr. Quirkey's shatterdome / Tumblr / Tumblr

2. Knock Airport

Early days2 Ireland West Airport Ireland West Airport

Cloons played a wandering businessman in Up In The Air, shuttling from airport to airport. But did he ever visit an airport like Knock Airport?


3. A session in any auld lad pub

Fleadh Cheoil Na hEireann Festivals 2010 Sasko Lazarov / Photocall Ireland Sasko Lazarov / Photocall Ireland / Photocall Ireland

O Brother, Where Art Thou? Thou shalt be in a pub filled with auld lads for a trad session. Forget your bluegrass. This is where it’s at.

4. Gravity Bar, Guinness Storehouse

guinnessstorehouse Guinness Storehouse Guinness Storehouse


5. Any GAA match

SPORT GAA 1 PA Archive / Press Association Images PA Archive / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

You like sport, Clooney. We know this because you directed and starred in Leatherheads, a film set in the world of American football.

You know what’s infinitely better than American football? GAA.

Trust us.

6. Zaytoon

vegetariankebabmeal Zaytoon Zaytoon

Finally, remember all that Persian cuisine you sampled while killing Iranian arms dealers in Syriana? You’ll find it all right here in a little place we like to call Zaytoon.

You’re welcome, pal.

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