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George Clooney's night with Berlusconi

The “astonishing evening” included viewing a bed that was given to the Italian PM by Vladimir Putin. But, says Clooney, there was no bunga bunga involved.

George Clooney, pictured in New York recently
George Clooney, pictured in New York recently
Image: PBG/PBG/Empics Entertainment

HOLLYWOOD HEARTHROB GEORGE Clooney had one of the most “astonishing” evenings of his life when he visited Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

In an interview with Time magazine, he told the bizarre story:

I had one evening with Berlusconi that was one of the most astonishing evenings of my life

Clooney had gone to Berlusconi’s home to speak about the conflict at Darfur and how Italy could help with the humanitarian relief effort.

He said “it was an amazing conversation” and that when it ended, Berlusconi took him on a walk around his house – where he showed off a rather unusual present.

He showed me his bedroom and the bed that [Russian Prime Minister Vladimir] Putin had given him.

“There are so many jokes, there’s so little time,” he laughed.

He said it “became a very different evening than anyone thought” and that Berlusconi asked him to stay on for a party at the house.

But Clooney made his excuses and left, saying: “No I gotta go, I really do.”

Perhaps he left at the right time, as Clooney was later asked to testify for Berlusconi during his sex case trial in the Italian courts.

Berlusconi said that Clooney was at a party which was attended by a teenage erotic dancer whom Berlusconi was accused of paying to have sex with.

But Clooney clarified:

I said I will come and testify if you like, because I wasn’t at the party I was said to be at.
I wasn’t at his bunga bunga party.

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