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The Dredge: Which Spice Girl is taking her clothes off on Twitter?

The very best of the morning’s celebrity dirt.

LEFTERIS PITARAKIS/AP/Press Association Images

EVERY WEEKDAY MORNING, the Daily Edge rounds up the best of the day’s celebrity dirt – from the top to the very bottom.

#TOASTY SPICE: Geri Halliwell is behaving frankly oddly on Twitter. She’s in the studio recording new solo material. BUT it was very hot, so she whipped her top off and sang in this attractive lacy brassiere:

Nice arm work, Geri (Yfrog/GeriHalliwell)

It just gets weirder from here, though. Her next tweet was:

but she WASN’T TALKING TO ANYBODY. And she followed that up with

So, um, that’s what Geri Halliwell is up to. Everyone move on, there’s nothing to see here.

#LILO: The carrot-topped tale of woe that is Lindsay Lohan continues along her merry way. Today’s headlines involve her dad Michael – her DAD, mind – apparently claiming that she’s working as a high-class escort and getting pimped out by her mam:

She is getting paid to date rich men, Dina is pimping her out – it’s disgusting.

And then denying his own quote, saying: “By absolutely NO MEANS did I ever make such a statement … EVER!” (The Sun, TMZ)

Oh Lindsay. Please go and live under a volcano or something. We still like you for Mean Girls.

Come back, Feisty-But-Not-Train-Wreck Lindsay. All is forgiven. (Tammie Arroyo/AFF/EMPICS Entertainment)

#RYANMANIA: So how about Ryan Gosling, am I right? Pretty hot. Committed feminist. Saves women from car crashes on a semi-regular basis. And, um, also the non-secret crush of Oscar nominee and Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick:

Does anyone else feel a bit uncomfortable right now? Good.

Buy a DVD player, love. They cost about 20 quid. (Chris Pizzello/AP/Press Association Images)

#RITA ROARA: We can’t decide whether Rita Ora is a bit excellent, or an almighty pain in the hole. But either way, she’s hanging out on a Thailand beach with Snoop Dogg Lion at the moment. So, whatever.


And the rest of the day’s dirt…

  • Katie Price actually, literally went and got married again. (Mirror)
  • Taylor Swift sent Harry Styles desperate texts after they broke up, but he totes ignored her. (Perez)
  • Lady Gaga wants to buy Michael Jackson’s fairground-encrusted Neverland ranch. Of course she does. (The Sun)
  • Eva Longoria graciously showed us all her boob. (Mirror)
  • Ashton Kutcher has probably the ugliest house of any celebrity. (Celebuzz)