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8 of the best places to get the shift in Dublin

An important topic.

GO FORTH AND shift: 

1. Whelan’s

Noah and the Whale perform in Whelan's Dublin Source: @ANDYwithCAMERA

Perhaps not as famous for the shift as its Harcourt Street counterparts, Whelan’s should be considered right up there with them. Based on the craic, opening hours and quality dance floor, Whelan’s and shifting go hand in hand. Its selection of music might make it a more palatable spot for some as well.

2. The Globe/Rí-Rá

globerir Source: Twitter

Whilst The Globe pub area upstairs is unarguably a better spot for the craic, transitioning yourself downstairs to Rí Rá will increase the chances of the shift. It’s got a dancefloor and the tunes are louder. The science is simple.

3. Pygmalion

pygmalion Source: Facebook

Outside might be a cool place for a few evening drinks, but it’s on the dance floor later in the evening when the true shifting possibilities present themselves.

4. Doyle’s

isntat Source: Twitter

A little more of a relaxed setting than the standard club, but don’t underestimate Doyle’s as a place to get the shift. The upstairs has been known to get fairly raucous and even the downstairs area on weekends presents many a shifting opportunity.

5. Coppers

isntat Source: Instagram

No collection of shifting venues in the capital would be complete without the inimitable Coppers.

Always there for you (midweek is arguably as good as any weekend night for the crowd), Coppers is the fail-safe option for those looking to dance and shift – in that order.

6. Cassidy’s

cassidys Source: Facebook

Despite the lack of a dance floor, you can’t rule out Cassidy’s on Westmoreland Street as prime potential shift territory. It’s always buzzing and when it’s packed on the weekend you’re bound to get chatting to people you’ve never met before.

Which might lead to shifting ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

7. O’Reilly’s/The Sub Lounge

orror Source: Facebook

The fact that the Sub is packed out of it most nights of the week because of the cheap pints is its true underlying quality. It’s a pub, sure, but lobbing the gob is entirely acceptable as things get pretty rowdy later in the evenings.

8. The Grand Social

maxresdefault Source: Ytimg

Last but not least, the various areas of the Grand Social on the north quays provide ample possibilities for the single shifters of Dublin. You’re likely to get some sweet tunes as well, which is always a bonus backdrop to the craic.

But our fine capital has many, many wonderful nightspots of note. Which do you think warrants its place based on the shifting possibilities within? Let us know in the comments. 

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