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Can you make it through this video of a giant leech sucking down a huge worm?

Captivating and horrifying at the same time.

THIS FOOTAGE SHOWS a 30cm-long leech that lives in the forests of Borneo. It has just been filmed for the first time by a BBC crew.

In the clip, it hunts down – yes, hunts down – a huge earthworm more than twice its size. Travels up and down the worm’s length, looking for the end. And then just sucks it down whole.

It is so completely horrifying that you can’t look away. But you also can’t look. Right, just watch it OK? So we’re not alone anymore?

Source: oramis mo/YouTube

According to the Telegraph, the leech doesn’t even have a scientific name. Locals, appropriately enough, call it the Giant Red Leech.

via Gawker

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