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No, you're not hallucinating - there's a giant truck made of hay bales just off the M8

It’s really… surprisingly lifelike.

IF YOU’VE DRIVEN the M8 motorway through Tipperary recently, you may have spotted what you thought was a huge truck in a neighbouring field. Made entirely of hay bales.

Well, let us put your minds at rest: you are not going crazy. There IS a giant truck made out of hay bales in a field off the M8.

Here it is:

Source: Facebook

So why is it there? Well, some people made it as a promotional tool for the Dualla Show – a family day out in Cashel on August 31.

This year it features the first ever Tipp Truck Show.

So do not be alarmed. Although it might look like it if you’re driving into the sun, there is NOT a giant truck careering towards the motorway at high speed.

Source: Facebook

You’re welcome.

(Also, props to the people who made the truck. It’s actually pretty amazing.)

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