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7 simple gifts to send your emigrant mates this Christmas

Go on, be a paaaal.

IF YOU WANT to send something to Australia, Canada, or whereever your mates may be, now is the time to do it.


Obviously. Pick out the things they might be missing, the usual suspects being Tayto, their choice of tea, Jacob’s biscuits, and the good Cadbury’s chocolate. You can even use A Slice of Home to get them there on time. Gifts Direct do excellent hampers, too.

irish-hamper Giftsdirect Giftsdirect

2. Penneys shite

An Irish girl abroad would bite your hand off for a haul of Penneys shite. Think makeup, fluffy socks, pjs, hats, jewellery, anything. Honestly, just go in and grab things and but them in a box. She’ll love every single item.

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3. A scrapbook

CVIr2k_WsAEGaTz lateandawkward lateandawkward

The beauty of the scrapbook has been lost a bit with the internet. Sure, you’ve kept them up to date on every social media platform available but make the effort for Christmas with some physical photos and handwritten letters from a few of their mates and family members. Who wouldn’t love to get that?

4. A woolen scarf

If they’re in for a cold winter, a nice Irish comfy scarf would be a GOD SEND. They just done make em like this abroad. Try this one from Avoca.

ano avoca avoca

5. Something to read

A good Irish book may be trickier  to get abroad than you think. From this year, we suggest The Long Gaze Back, Irelandopedia, Giving Out Yards, Surviving Ireland, Brand New Retro, Off You Go, A Woman in the Making, .


6. Something for their wall

Get them feeling like they’re right at home with some excellent Irish based art work from Jam Factory, Designist, or the Irish Design Shop.

Grand_Grand_-_Pigeon_House_Print_only_copy_ca08657b-235e-465d-92bd-cce832199e69_1024x1024 irishdesignshop irishdesignshop

home-bound-cork-river-lee-map-antique-1 Jamartprints Jamartprints

7. A mug for their desk

They can confuse all their colleagues with one of these exclusively Irish sayings, get em at Designist.

Gob_and_gee_1024x1024 Designist Designist

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