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This girl's well-meaning boyfriend definitely needs a biology lesson

Oh no, that”s not where that goes.

WHEN THIS GIRL’S period arrived, her boyfriend wanted to cheer her up a bit.

But instead of, say, getting her a meal deal from Marks and Spencer or making a trip to the chemist for painkillers, he decided to write little notes on her pads.

Grand. It’s not an M&S meal deal, but we suppose he’s trying to be nice.

Except it looks like he doesn’t know the difference between a pad and a tampon.

QI4Xqcl Source: Imgur

Looks like I’ll be going inside you today.

Honey, no – tampons go inside, but pads stay outside. This is very basic information.

The image was shared on Reddit yesterday by gorteza.

When guys want to make your day a little brighter but writing a clever message but can’t grasp the difference between a tampon and a pad.

God bless.

She even shared some of his other efforts.

m6klaeX Source: Imgur

lDe4AUM Source: Imgur

And she also may have predicted a future trend…

The moment feminine hygiene companies start printing witty messages on their products, is when you all know they stole it from an idiot trying to make up for being an idiot.

Oh God. Cutesy quotes on your tampons.

We can’t.

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