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15 things you'll know if you're a woman who gets ready ridiculously quickly

Do makeup or sleep, that is the question.

GETTING READY DOESN’T have to be a chore.

Wanting back in Source: owlpacino

1. You’ve mastered the art of getting out of bed and out the door in about fifteen minutes flat

2. You buy makeup based on how fast you can apply it

3. But mostly don’t even bother at all

4. You have a feeling you should put in more effort, but don’t really care

5. A good night shower is the only option

Shower head Source: uzi978

6. You genuinely think people who wait until the morning to pick their outfit are psychotic

7. Bringing lunch? You’ve made it the night before or else it’s not happening

8. You can’t remember what it’s like to have breakfast in your kitchen

9. Take out coffees and muffins are your saviour

#coffeeandmuffin 커피앤 머핀 조화로운 어울림이!

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10. You set about five or six alarms every night

11. Now it feels like you had a lie in

12. You’re usually the first to arrive to everything

What my alarms look like😂 #hatewakingup #10000 #alarms #snooze

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13. Your Batiste is your best friend

14. There’s a constant countdown in your head about how many minutes you have left until you absolutely have to get ready

15. And you genuinely can’t see how it takes people so long to get ready, what are they DOING?

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