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Are you Dick Moran?
Are you Dick Moran?

Which Glenroe character are you?

Are you more of a Teasie or a Fidelma?
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IT’S SUNDAY EVENING, so what else would you be doing except taking our (highly scientific) quiz to find out which vintage Glenroe star you are.

Forget Sherlock, forget Game of Thrones, forget House of Cards, Wicklow is WHERE IT’S AT!

All you need to do is keep note of the letters you choose as you go along, and we’ll reveal at the end whether you’re more of a Dinny or a Dick…

Which of these drinks are you more drawn to?

a) A nice glass of sherry

b) White wine. Large.

c) A stiff G&T

d) A pint of stout

e) Altar wine

f) A glass of Guinness at the end of the night

g) A strong cuppa. Four sugars

Which of these hats are you more drawn to?


185030 Source: Hatsandcaps




W-9988100-Wegener-Fedora-Brown-Front Source: Hatshop


77B2513E Source: Irishsisters


pope Source: Wordpress


i_heart_my_landlady_trucker_hat-r877aed1f59a84873a34ef014a725b79e_v9wfy_8byvr_512 Source: Zcache



What’s your karaoke song?

a) Jerusalem


b) I Touch Myself

c) Big Spender

d) And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda

Source: unclebob270

e) Here I am Lord

f) Closing Time

Source: Marina Rae

g) The By-road to Glenroe

Source: Mikosyko

What’s your preferred mode of transport?

a) Vintage Land Rover

b) Back seat of the tractor

c) 1987 Mercedes, leather interior

1987-Mercedes_Benz-190E-2.3 Source: Wikimedia

d) An aul shtick to help you walk

e) Your trusty bike

f) You never leave the pub. Ever.

g) Hay baler

Which of these is your favourite pastime?

a) Saying “jolly good” and being delighted about things

b) Making eyes at people

c) Scowling

d) Seeing to the dogs, going for a pint

Italian_Greyhound_standing_gray Source: Wikimedia

e) A bit of a pray, and fantasising about cruise ships

f) Saying “are you right there folks PLEASE?”

g) Shaking your jowls in disbelief

Someone tries to lob the gob on you, even though you’re married. Do you:

a) Get a bit flustered and watch some cricket on the telly

b) Go for it. Actually, you’re the one lobbing the gob

c) Grab them roughly with one hand, dimming the lights with the other. You are wearing a long overcoat and driving gloves.

d) Have a heart attack

e) Get the cruise ship catalogue out

f) Leather them with a bar stool

g) Is her name Fidelma?

Which Friends character do you most relate to?

a) Mr Gellar

948117148 Source: Skyrock

b) Phoebe’s twin sister Ursula

114452_1220733799988_full Source: Fanpop

c) Paulo, Rachel’s Italian boyfriend

Paolo Source: Nocookie

d) Mr Heckles

Heckles Source: Nocookie

e) This guy


f) Bossy Monica

427060409_1371841481 Source: Bubblews

g) Ross Gellar

TOW-Ross-Is-Fine-10-02-friends-2926971-640-480 Source: Fanpop

Well. how did you do?

Mostly As- You’re George Manning, the posho from the Big House


Mostly Bs – You’re Fidelma, Biddy’s cousin who lobbed the gob on Miley

fidel-630x472 Source: Mary McQuinn

Mostly Cs – You’re Dick Moran, Mary’s scowling estranged husband


Mostly Ds – You’re Dinny Byrne, the gout-ridden patriarch of Glenroe


Mostly Es – You’re Father Devereaux, the world-weary priest who ended up quitting his vocation to sail round the world with Shirley Manning


Mostly Fs – You’re Teasie, the no-nonsense pub landlady


Mostly Gs – You’re Miley Byrne, Glenroe legend and kisser of Fidelma


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