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Gmail's autocomplete screwed up, and a load of people just ruined their lives
It’s not just you.

YOU KNOW HOW sending an email to the wrong person can pretty much ruin your life?

You know how easy it is to start relying on Gmail’s autocomplete function to insert the addresses you email most frequently?

Well, it all went horribly wrong sometime last week.


Numerous Twitter users reported that their Gmail accounts were autofilling with the email addresses they used least, rather than the ones they used most.

And apparently, a lot of ex-partners and CEOs (we’re guessing) have been getting some unexpected mail alerts.

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Also, grannies.


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But just everyone really.

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A Google spokesperson told Techcrunch the company is “aware of an issue with Gmail and autocomplete and currently investigating.”

Basically, it’s not just you. OR this could be the greatest excuse ever to send someone that message you’ve been wanting to send. Your call.

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