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14 things anyone who’s been out in Maynooth will understand

Hup the village.

IF YOU’VE HAD the pleasure of a night out in Maynooth, you’ll know…

1. It’s mostly full of students

But that makes it all the more fun! The mix of aul lads and mad-for-it students doesn’t have such a perfect ratio in any other village.

303269 Source: Google

2. The Roost is your only man on a Thursday

It’s all about having a few chilled ones in the lounge then sneaking upstairs to hit the floor.

3. Brady’s is an institution on Wednesdays

Brady’s Clockhouse is the only option on Hump day but it ends TOO SOON.

4. You’ve definitely had at least one cold walk by the canal with naggins

The only way to do predrinks if you travel up on the train.

5. You’ve met at least one Home and away cast member on a night out

Usually in Mantra. RIP Mantra.

10153816_1496514720635547_6949827331177861885_n Source: Mantra

6. You’ve had a sneaky drink on the train at least once

Maynooth - A University Town Located In County Kildare Source: infomatique

7. Dunnes in the Manor Mills your only man for picking up predrinks and a box of wedges

Pit stop.

dunnes Source: Manormills

8. You’ve stayed in many a dodgy student home

Sleep on the floor of this shared house of six students? Yeah, grand.

9. Supermacs is the only place to go when the pubs close

All the best things happen in Supermacs after 2am.

maynooth Source: Supermacs

10. But you’d eat pizza  outside Mizzonis if you just couldn’t wait

Then into Maximus for a bag of chips for the commute home.

Waiting. #maximus #maynooth #ireland #afterwork Source: junpeimorita

11. Despite your good intentions you’ve NEVER made the last 66 home

VT33 - Rt67A - MaynoothStraffanRd - 131010 Source: Dublinbusstuff

12. You still find these receipts scattered around your room

Wha Source: adotbly

13. You know it’s so much better than town

6e5c7aa2db887ad79ded4fc5c19832f6_400x400 Source: @RoostMaynooth

14. Because it’s so small and laid back

Pair of runners on? COME ON IN!

Final the semestre é assim. Source: rbdeandrade

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