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Someone made a wheelchair for their goldfish and it is everything


THIS IS BY far the kindest goldfish owner in recent history.

Forget the guy who spent £300 healing his constipated fish… WEAK.

Check out this goldfish wheelchair, posted to Reddit by leability, for a goldfish that had trouble staying upright.

Vu7f7QO Source: Imgur


The little wheelchair is made up of a bandage attached to a cork to keep it afloat.

However, there seems to be a more permanent fix… feed it a pea.

Let Redditor jtaentrepreneur guide you:

Feed it a pea, it will get better, had a fish that would swim and float upside down and did that for over a year until my mom found out this little trick and it actually worked really well.

This will relieve their swim bladder of pressure so they can swim again.


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