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Adorable grandparents are accidentally tagging Grandmaster Flash in their Facebook posts

The dotes.

YOU MAY BE familiar with hip-hop legend Grandmaster Flash. He’s responsible for The Message and White Lines (Don’t Do It).

SMITHSONIAN HIP HOP Source: AP/Press Association Images

And of course you’re familiar with Facebook, which allows you to tag yourself and public figures in posts. It turns out however that there is a phenomenon of grandparents accidentally tagging Grandmaster Flash when they sign off in posts.

tumblr_nbcw4xF3OP1tl8g5uo1_1280 Source: Grampa and Grandmaster Flash/Tumblr

Now, there’s a Tumblr called Grampa and Grandmaster Flash dedicated to collecting examples of when this happens and it is simultaneously adorable and priceless.

tumblr_nbcw3z9dSo1tl8g5uo1_1280 Source: Grampa and Grandmaster Flash/Tumblr

tumblr_nbcw34Gz9H1tl8g5uo1_1280 Source: Grampa and Grandmaster Flash/Tumblr

tumblr_nbcw1uwI5o1tl8g5uo1_1280 Source: Grampa and Grandmaster Flash/Tumblr

“That should say grandma june!!!!”

Be still our hearts.

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