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Grandmother has priceless reaction to getting iPhone for Christmas

“I really am not equipped to handle one of these things.”

MANY PEOPLE WOULD have been thrilled to receive an iPhone this Christmas.

This grandmother, though? Not so much.

After carefully opening a present and duly admiring the wrapping paper covered in puppies, this grandmother opened a box to find that she had been given an iPhone and was immediately unimpressed.

You’re kidding me.

Not only was she deeply underwhelmed, she was also annoyed. When her grandson claims that she needs it, she replies, “No, I don’t Jordan” and just barely conceals her disdain.

Jordan Graham / YouTube

Like all grannies, she adopts a classic, “Sure, what would I be doing with one of these things anyway?” stance and brings up the ‘l’ word: landlines.

When she examines it closer, however, she realises that all isn’t as it seems. Cue relief and much amusement.

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