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# Gravity

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We're getting children excited about outer space at an earlier age
My inner space nerd was delighted to be accepted onto the European Space Agency’s workshop for primary school teachers.
# Gravity
Astronauts had to hide from space junk that threatened to hit the ISS
It was a bit of an emergency situation.
# novelty
Introducing the internet's latest trend - #cahilling
The former Everton forward reposted a meme of himself riding on a rhino.
# gravity sucks
10 science 'facts' that are totally wrong
Mind. Blown.
# cheap trip
Our new rocket cost less than the film 'Gravity', India's PM boasts
India’s domestically-produced Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle blasted off yesterday carrying satellites from France, Germany, Canada and Singapore.
# anti-gravity
Alternate beginning for Gravity changes EVERYTHING
It features an appearance from a certain caped crusader.
Column: What does this week’s major physics breakthrough actually mean?
A new discovery has shed light on the beginning of the universe itself and will help us to understand how gravitational extremes like black holes work, writes Conor Farrell.
# sculpted to perfection
Jean Claude Van Damme performs his epic splits in zero gravity space
Any excuse to listen to Enya.
# scarface for douchbags
Truly honest movie posters for this year's Oscars nominees
The Wolf of Wall Street, Philomena, Gravity… what are they REALLY about?
Philomena wins four Bafta nominations alongside 12 Years A Slave and Gravity
Michael Fassbender was also nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category.
# cool your jets
This jetpack unbelievably predates the film Gravity by 50 years
The first such machine was imagined in 1919 – but by the 1960s, it was a space race reality.
# Mayday
Gravity spin-off shows the other side of Ryan Stone's radio conversation
The short film features Aningaaq, an Inuit fisherman.
# earthling
Commander Chris Hadfield is having a tough time readjusting to gravity
The astronaut’s latest video shows him to be the perfect Movember spokesman.
# outer space solutions
Spoof trailer shows that being lost in Ikea is just as scary as Gravity
‘Life in Ikea is impossible.’
# Gravity
6 of the best Gravity parodies on the web
See the movie over the weekend? Here are the alternatives.
# final frontier
From 1900 to 2013: The evolution of outer space on the big screen
From a man on the moon to space wonderlust, black holes and incredible aliens.
# Fail
11 ways life can trip you up as a kid
And one child who has it ALL FIGURED OUT.
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