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6 of the best Gravity parodies on the web

See the movie over the weekend? Here are the alternatives.

EVERY YEAR THERE’S one movie that has murmurs of an Oscar nod before it’s even released.

This year it’s Gravity, the space saga which stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney and took over Irish cinemas this weekend.

Did you catch it? If so, here are some of the web’s alternative ways of looking at the blockbuster:

1. A rom-com

FlimSchoolRejects remade the trailer into a rom-com and now we’re looking at things completely differently.

Source: MoviesWithFSR

2. Jamie Foxx’s role that got away

Someone is clearly raging that he missed out on a part.

The production values on a mobile phone just keep on getting better.

Source: bbosver

3. Queen Latifah, too

Can’t we all just let Sandra Bullock have her moment?

Source: Queen Latifah

4. Gravity if it took place during the government shut-down

Well, NASA would be about as responsive as they were in the movie.

Source: news4mediaone

5. An 8-bit music video

We can’t even.

Source: CineFix

6. Gravity, Legofied

This NEEDS to be made.

Source: wloltigerlolw

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