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14 of this year's most amazing home-made costumes to inspire you for Halloween

Or just to be jealous of, whatever.

THE COUNTDOWN TO Halloween is on. Still haven’t thought of a costume? Here are some suggestions for the lazy few of you.

If you’re after something more adventurous, here are some of the best we’ve seen around the net so far. There’s still TIME.

1. The twins from The Shining

Suitable for any age.

46lxPaG Source: Imgur

2. A father son MechWarrior

Bbuoqbv Source: PutABowOnIt

3. ‘Sexy’ Zoidberg

The latest unsexy thing to be sexified.

SEBYKhH Source: Imgur

4. Scar


DVSsmpa Source: pantherfanalex

5. Inspector Gadget

Ie7WwlC Source: DrBarq

6. A naked Sim

mPNZzL8 Source: lovelyulie

7. A headless demon

The only ACTUALLY scary one so far.

4tcEpw9 Source: Evil_evil

8. Mystique

Requires a lot of body confidence.

Fw9L7sy Source: Imgur

9. Cruella and her dalmatian

CjJiXcH Source: Cradnee

10. A Cardinal cardinal…

Ah, a play on words always goes down a treat.

xwJEQgw Source: awolunicorn

11. Arnold and Gerald

Move it, football head.

xro8jfs Source: Imgur

12. Beyoncé and Jay Z

B06QJFhCQAEV0bF Source: geeksandcleats

13. The Finding Nemo dentist’s daughter

jYlJZ6Y Source: Imgur

14. And finally, the ladies of Hocus Pocus

Majestic scenes.

ha4LN99 Source: ketchuppacket

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