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A great white shark Kike Calvo/AP/Press Association Images
shark rock

Great white sharks rock out to AC/DC

Musical experiment shows that sharks may be AC/DC’s newest – and certainly scariest – fans

IF YOU THOUGHT that AC/DC was simply rock made for leather-jacket-wearing old folks, you’d be wrong – because it appears the long-haired Aussies are extremely popular with great white sharks.

Yes, the band have found unlikely fans in the shape of the world’s largest predatory fish.

According to Adelaide Now, the discovery was made by tourism operator Matt Waller, who runs the Adventure Bay Charters company.

He started to research how some companies repel sharks and discovered they hear best at frequencies from 20 to 1000 hertz. As he wanted to attract the sharks, rather than scare them off, he experimented with different music to try to attract them.

With songs like Shook Me All Night Long and If You Want Blood, perhaps it’s no surprise that the sharks dig AC/DC.

It’s thought the sharks are attracted by the low frequencies of the music.

When Matt plays AC/DC underwater, the sharks rub their faces on the cage where the sound is coming from – perhaps their own brand of underwater head-banging.

Matt says he will play the sharks more rock tunes to figure out what other bands they might be fans of.

Playing music is certainly a new approach to attracting sharks – a lot more palatable than the fish guts that are traditionally used.

But if you ever find yourself on an Aussie beach, it’s probably best that you don’t crank up your copy of High Voltage to 11.

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