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10 times TV was unbelievably grim

Ah here.


Sometimes it’s good, but sometimes you’re flicking around and it’s just grim.

Really, really grim.

1. What’s his role in all this? No, wait, we don’t want to know.

2. Diverse schedule here

3. Ambulances, benefits and Peter Andre AKA The Holy Trinity

4. “Stop blaming ghosts”

CG_lCQUWoAE1XFQ Source: Today's WTF/Twitter


5. Ah yes, I might settle down and watch a documentary. Oh wait.


6. Tina, no

B8FJ-IDCAAEx_5J Source: TinaCat107/Twitter

7. Just some typical festive programming!

8. “Christian meets a man with the sorest penis he has ever seen…”

Bsxlo3YIYAAFw9X Source: sam_deville/Twitter

9. Even the Channel 4 announcer sounds grimmed out


10. Seriously, thank God for Netflix.

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