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This groom was arrested for 'wasting police time' -- but it was just an elaborate stunt


WE’VE HEARD OF people pulling all sorts of stunts for their wedding day, but faking your arrest for the craic?

That’s a new one.

Last week, Isles of Scilly Police posted a photo of officers arresting a groom on his special day.

What seems to be the problem, officers?

1511941_898997630139463_1236071595484092665_o Source: Chris Hall/Facebook

As it turns out, the man in the photo is Alastair Robinson and his only crime is enjoying the Facebook posts of Isles of Scilly Police a little too much.

Isles of Scilly Police are known for their quirky social media presence and have over 40,000 fans on Facebook, thanks to posts like this.


Before he got married, Robinson decided to reach out Isles of Scilly Police and invite its members to his special day.

The police force kindly obliged and pretended to arrest him for “wasting police time”.

As they explained on their Facebook page:

Six months ago Alistair contacted us and asked if Isles of Scilly Police could come along to his wedding at Old Town Church. He and Sara, were travelling with their entourage from Cheshire to the islands for the special event. He didn’t actually specify why he wanted us there or what role he wanted us to have so we reverted to type and arrested him on a trumped up charge of Wasting Police Time as he left the church.

Isles of Scilly Police shared the photo, taken by wedding photographer Chris Hall, on their Facebook last week where it has since received over 5,600 likes.

It even prompted this rather delightful exchange.



Never change, guys.

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