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10 signs you grew up near a farm

Where’s that bull?

YOU CAN TAKE the person out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the person.

Here are the signs you grew up near a farm:

1. Your washing always smelt slightly of slurry

Source: chatirygirl

If your mam didn’t roar at you to bring it in the second the scent hit the air.

2. This was the biggest cause of delay in your life

Source: Wikimedia

They sometimes moved over. Sometimes.

3. Followed closely by this

Source: Peter Cruickshank

4. This counted as a source of entertainment

Source: danxoneil

5. You weren’t allowed to have a dog, because it might ‘worry’ the sheep

Source: Orin Zebest

6.  Playing on the hay bales? SIGN ME UP.

Source: danorth1

7. When the cows broke out, it was a local emergency

Source: quinn.anya


8. Midges, midges, midges

Source: Hello, I am Bruce

Did we mention the midges? There were midges.

9. You spent a lot of time wondering where The Bull was

Source: eamoncurry123

Especially when taking a shortcut through the fields to your mate’s house, because it was quicker than using the road.

10. You got paid to pick up stones

Source: S John Davey

GOOD: Getting money. BAD: Having to pick up stones.

What have we missed? Let us know in the comments…

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