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#GrowingUpWithCurlyHair expertly summed up the struggles of so many

The never ending hassle of the curls.

FOR PEOPLE WITH straight hair, they will just never get the day-to-day problems that curly haired people have put up with all their lives.

And now, a trending hashtag #GrowingUpWithCurlyHair has let the world know just how tough they have it:

Like when your conditioner budget cripples you financially

That one day you don’t straighten it will be newsworthy

Every single person thinks they can have a paw at it

No matter how much you know them

When you straighten it, the worst thing will always happen

The continued failure of the detangling brush

People were quick to point out you were in a great position

You don’t know how lucky you are, apparently

The unpredictable weather stresses you more than the rest of the world

Bobby pins are your mortal enemy

growingup2 Source: Flickr/Twitter

The never ending comments

They’re trying to be nice, but still…

The confusion your hairdryer had on the non-curly population

And finally, the daily lottery when waking up

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